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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Expert management of organic and paid campaigns across every major social media platform to create a profit engine for your business.

Our Social Media Marketing Approach

Social media is a massive opportunity to grow your business and brand, but without a strategic approach and investment in the right areas, it’s easy to fall into an ROI trap where your budget is thrown away on ineffective campaigns.

You could post on social media for free, get a few likes, and perhaps some traffic to your website. That would at least give you a social media presence, but that presence is unlikely to turn into one of your biggest revenue streams.

We create social media marketing campaigns that drive revenue growth through engagement and converting your followers into customers so you can finally tap into social media’s highly active user base.

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    Social Media Marketing Services

    We can handle everything from creating your profiles to creating high-quality content, freeing you to focus on other parts of your business.

    Organic Social

    We strategically create and share content that engages your audience. This content establishes your brand personality and values.

    Paid Social

    Sponsored posts and strategic ad campaigns help you get discovered by new audiences. We manage your budget to maximize ROI.

    Audience Building

    We help you identify and segment your ideal customers. Our campaigns are tailored to resonate with their wants and needs.


    Contests, UGC campaigns, and interactive content keep your audience interested and participating, boosting brand loyalty.

    Results Tracking

    We closely track key metrics like engagement, conversions, and click-through rates to understand what’s working and continuously optimize your strategy to meet your goals.

    Target Audience

    Meaningful Audience Engagement with TechnoRadiant’s SMM Services

    TechnoRadiant’s Social Media Management strategies involve scheduling, creating, engaging, as well as analyzing the content posted over social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You also get access to a dedicated social media manager that is employed to your brand-centric engagement needs.

    Our experienced SMM services help reach out to the new customers online and improve the brand’s reputation. As our client, you have complete control over the strategies implemented to help your brand rank among the audience. We ensure that our strategies help target the right audience with no wastage of your SMM budget.

    Platform Expertise

    Depending on your audience and marketing budget, we can target one platform, two platforms, or all social media platforms.

    Facebook’s targeting capabilities provide cost-efficient reach to relevant audiences, with paid and organic campaigns delivering an ROI.


    Tap into TikTok’s Gen Z and millennial users. Our ads and hashtag challenges expand your reach and conversions with excellent results.


    Creatively showcase your brand through Instagram’s visually engaging platform with ads and organic content that grows your follower count.


    X’s (or Twitter’s) real-time nature makes it ideal for driving awareness and engagement, ideal for engaging audiences around events and trends.


    Whether you advertise on YouTube, publish videos, or only comment on them, we have lots of experience growing audiences on YouTube.


    Boost your LinkedIn presence with TechnoRadiant’s expert social media marketing services.

    How We Do It

    We start with your ideal customer by researching who they are, where they spend time, and what content resonates to ensure you reach them on the right platforms.

    We then create quality content, providing value through images, videos, and text, avoiding blatant self-promotion. The concept is simple – engage, don’t interrupt.

    It’s also crucial to encourage interaction. Contests, surveys, and questions can boost engagement. We will respond promptly to comments and messages and make followers feel heard, helping to increase engagement.
    We believe in being consistent yet flexible, so we stick to a posting schedule but leave room for trending topics and real-time interaction. We also follow likes, shares, clicks, and other metrics to continuously optimize based on performance.

    Lastly, it’s vital to stay authentic. Don’t exaggerate claims or pretend to be something you’re not. Build trust by being transparent and honest.
    Social media marketing takes commitment, creativity, and empathy. You can turn casual followers into loyal brand advocates by focusing on your audience. With the right strategy, your social media presence will thrive.

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