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50 Actionable Tips – Best Ways to Sell Your Website

  • By Admin
  • May 22, 2020

Making a website is relatively easy. The real challenge lies in selling it to potential customers. Research shows that first-time users typically browse a website quickly and abandon them within seconds in case it fails to impress or attract them sufficiently. In this era of cut-throat online competition, how can you make your website sell?

Luckily for you, we have put in hours of research and come up with 50 Tips for Selling Your Website. So, without further ado, let us begin!

First Impression Is Indeed The Last Impression

  1. Your website must be attractive. This is the biggest tip any webmaster will give you. If your website is not pleasing to the eye or unstructured and chaotic, it will distract the visitors, and they might choose to favor the competition.
  2. You might want to opt for a custom design rather than choosing a template that is accessible to anyone looking to make a website. This will ensure that your website stands out and is unique and authentic.
  3. Consider choosing modular layouts for your website as they impact the visitors the most.
  4. Color psychology is a big YES YES as it leads to more conversions for an online business.
  5. Be consistent with your website when it comes to design and style. This will allow visitors to relate to your website more and get accustomed to the seamless design of the website.
  6. The company logo and favicon should go on all the website pages to get accustomed to seeing them and recognize your brand more easily.
  7. Instead of using the antique header sliders, you might want to go for the more modern version that includes 360-degree animations, gifs, videos, and illustrations that can tell a story.
  8. Make sure your website design is responsive and can adapt to varying screen sizes.
  9. Content and graphics are an integral part of every website. However, please do not overdo it! Make sure your website design is minimalistic, and your website is light & airy.
  10. To capture the attention of your visitors immediately, consider using a hero image so that they are sufficiently enticed to explore your website further.
  11. People tend to go overboard with pop-ups, but it is recommended that you avoid the unnecessary ones as they can annoy the users and hinder their experience. A few effective pop-ups suffice.
  12. Spelling mistakes are a huge no-no! Nothing turns visitors off more than a website ridden with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  13. This also includes alignment and spacing issues as well as typographical mistakes.
  14. The loading speed of your website must be fast. A website that loads slowly usually decreases users’ interest, and this can potentially impact your search engine rankings significantly.
  15. It would help if you made sure that the advertisements and your main content are separated.
  16. If you have an expensive website, you must use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs).
  17. Try to use customized photos as opposed to stock images because stock images may come across as fake.
  18. Resolve all technical issues at the earliest and ensure there are no broken links or images giving Error 404.
  19. It is not a good idea to put “under construction” or “coming soon” on your website.
  20. It is not recommended to have videos or audios on auto-play on your website.
  21. Offer essential information and value-added on the first fold of your web page because 80% of the users check above the page fold to find relevant information.
  22. Offer interesting clues of the information that would follow on the first fold, so the users are tempted to scroll down.
  23. Use the same layout, color scheme, and font throughout the website.
  24. Make sure that the external links open in a new window.
  25. Don’t forget to add a site search opinion at the top and sitemap in the footer.
  26. If your audience is from various geographical locations, make sure you have an option for them to see the content in their preferred language.
  27. Pagination is always better than infinite scrolling.
  28. Keep the back button functionality consistent all through the website, and it should not break the navigation.
  29. Have persuasive media and content to get the attention of your visitors.
  30. Ensure you have the call to action on the bottom right and the main heading on the top left of your website.
  31. Give away interesting and value-added resources related to your business or industry for free to your visitors. It can be in the form of a free ebook, a trial pack, or anything that you can offer.
  32. Make sure your website content can be easily shared on various social media platforms.
  33. Have engaging social media pages related to your website.
  34. Have regular engagement on your website through blogs.
  35. Use storytelling and engaging content on your About Us so your visitors can connect with you better.
  36. Make sure your privacy policies, terms, and conditions, return policy, etc. are transparent to build trust.
  37. Make your checkout pages secure.
  38. Have mechanisms of risk reversal and guarantees.
  39. Address the queries of users through an FAQ page.
  40. Make good use of statistics and visual content.
  41. Keep refreshing your content and look from time to time.
  42. Use testimonials for previous customers.
  43. Highlight your list of clients.
  44. Be consistent with the alignment across all your pages.
  45. Use the USP or competitive positioning of your brand.
  46. Draw the attention of users through attractive headings and subheadings.
  47. Subtly show how you stand apart from your competitors.
  48. Highlight all the vital information related to your brand on your webpage.
  49. Add relevant, fun facts on your website.
  50. Offer a breakup of all the packages that you offer and highlight the one that adds more value.

With these points in mind, you will make your website very attractive to your customers!

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