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About Client’s Company

Rememore offers a versatile platform that houses an extensive array of videos, messages, and documents within its database. Users have the flexibility to schedule the delivery of this content to their selected recipients. Serving as a comprehensive content repository, Rememore is designed to store and organize all the information users input into it. This innovative platform allows friends and loved ones to easily access valuable information on specific topics by simply searching within Rememore, streamlining the process of seeking assistance and knowledge sharing.

Executive Summary

Through extensive planning and expert execution, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that resulted in remarkable progress. This strategic approach significantly enhanced Rememore’s position and impact, reinforcing its leadership in the market.

Benefit 1:

They achieved remarkable success with an increase in their follower count from 0 to 213.

Benefit 2:

The strategic use of engaging creatives, quotes, and researched content to captivate their audience, helped them in driving active participation and interaction within their online community.


Benefit 3:

They successfully established a strong and influential online presence.

Introduction: Challenges They Faced

  • The company faced problems in acquiring adequate online visibility and experienced low website traffic, which impacted its digital reach and brand exposure.
  • They encountered difficulties in effectively reaching their intended target audience, leading to challenges in generating leads and capturing potential customers’ interest.
  • Engagement levels on their social media platforms were insufficient, which affected their online social media following.

TechnoRadiant’s Strategies

  • We strategically managed their social media presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, employing a customized approach to engage their audience effectively.
  • We created captivating creatives and curated quotes.
  • We conducted thorough research to enhance brand visibility and engagement.


We are proud to work with Rememoree and be a part of their success journey.